What's the intention? Do you have a theory on how this approach will contribute to the common good or move things forward without externalities? On the surface it appears that you're simply excusing anger, retribution and rivalrous impulses. I'd contend that beyond some of the horrible policy decisions of the past 4 years, the greatest harm done by Trump has been the acceleration of debilitating polarisation, and the degradation of truth and shared values. Despite how polarised our societies appear, we do actually depend on some shared values and first principles that make democracy viable and stable (including trust in the democratic process, peaceful transition of leadership etc). If Trump's opponents are driven, in reaction to his actions, to abandon civility and equanimity, they voluntarily continue the downward slide into chaos that he created. I'm yet to come across any cognitive science or pshychology research that suggest gloating or belittling people convinces them to change their opinion. Quite the opposite — it only drives people to dig their heels in harder. I can appreciate the anger over the last 4 years, and the relief and joy of this election result, but anyone who actually cares about making real progress in a democratic society should think seriously about the goal here — is it to satisfy ones tribal impulses today, and for the next few years, or to change the world for the better? If it's the latter, the thinking mind has to prevail over emotional impulse.